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About Us

Gringineer Cycles…engineering smiles with every ride!

Joel began Gringineer Cycles in 2017 with the goal of getting used parts back into the hands and on the bikes of cyclists across the country. 

Joel started his career as a bike mechanic, and he was always surprised by the volume of good used bike parts left forgotten in shops' cabinets, attics, and basements. After working with a pro road cycling team and seeing their high-quality used parts pile up and sit unused, Joel decided to start his business, and Gringineer Cycles was off to the races! 

Along the way Joel's enthusiasm for bikes has grown, especially his passion for vintage mountain bikes. This led to Gringineer Cycles' unique emphasis on vintage mountain bikes and parts. 

If you are ever in Minnesota, check out Joel's brick-and-mortar location: Carver County Cycles. Located in downtown Watertown, MN, the shop is right off the beautiful Luce Line bike trail

                              Joel with his Yeti ARC